Major GTA 6 Leak Has Been Debunked

A major GTA 6 leak making the rounds this morning has been officially debunked. Yesterday, a substantial report about GTA 6 surfaced online relaying word of a female protagonist, a Vice City (Miami) setting, a 2023-2024 release window, and more. This report isn't the "leak" in question. Not only does this report echo what previous reports before it have claimed, but it lines up with what we've been hearing about the game for the past 18 months or so. That said, this report was followed up by a leak that what was purporting to be the first images of the game. 

The leak was surfaced by popular Twitter account GTA 6 News & Leaks, which floated some images of what looked like they could have been the first images of GTA 6. The images in question were sent by an anonymous source claiming as much. That said, while the images on the surface level looked like they could be for GTA 6, they were actually pulled from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience

At this point in development, it's possible for images of GTA 6 to leak and for them to resemble a finished product. The game is pretty far along in development and vertical slices are already being prepared to show off. That said, based on what we've heard about the game, its visuals will noticeably surpass the image below. 


It's worth pointing out that Rockstar Games has a well-documented reputation for being a locked-up shop. Things rarely leak out of it. That said, it does happen. The most prominent example in recent years involves Red Dead Redemption 2. Long before release, the game's entire map leaked. At the time, many wrote it off as fake, only later to realize it was legit. In other words, don't instantly write off every GTA 6 leak between now and its release based purely on Rockstar's reputation for being leak safe.

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