GTA Online Update Fixes Huge Submarine Exploit

Rockstar Games released a behind-the-scenes GTA Online update this week to take care of a [...]

Rockstar Games released a behind-the-scenes GTA Online update this week to take care of a significant exploit involving the Kosatka that was added when the Cayo Perico Heist was released. The exploit involved players being able to take down an adversary's submarine using nothing but a Molotov, an exceptionally cheap way to take care of an expensive purchase. This same update also addressed a glitch players were using to duplicate vehicles which no longer works now, at least until players inevitably find another way to do so.

Twitter user Tez2 who frequently shares news on Rockstar Games' projects including Red Dead Online and GTA Online detailed the release of the background update for the latter this week. While many likely weren't aware of the Molotov exploit in the first place, Tez2 confirmed that the problem had been patched out, so those piloting their pricey new submarines around the waters of GTA Online don't have to worry about a stray Molotov ruining their fun.

The Kosatka submarine added as part of the Cayo Perico Heist content is a veritable floating fortress for players to acquire if they've got the money for it. The decommissioned submarine doesn't have the best defenses compared to other headquarters, but one would expect that it'd be able to withstand more than one Molotov when the sub costs a base price of 2,200,000 GTA$. That wasn't the case before, however, with players reporting for over a month now that a single Molotov could take down the aquatic beast, but that problem has now been resolved.

For those who now feel better about acquiring one of the subs since the exploit's been fixed, now's the best time to do so. GTA Online is revisiting its Cayo Perico Heist content this week by offering players extra payouts on the heist's finale as well as discounts on the Kosatka sub and its upgrades. The Kosatka sub itself is 25% off right now as are all the upgrades which include Remote-Guided Missiles, a Sonar Station, and more, so consider making the purchase if you haven't already before the next weekly update drops and the prices go back to their full value.