Halo Infinite Box Art Revealed

The box artwork for Halo Infinite has been revealed just one day before the game makes its next [...]

The box artwork for Halo Infinite has been revealed just one day before the game makes its next big appearance during the Xbox Series X event. Microsoft and 343 Industries unveiled the box art that predictably shows Master Chief front and center in front of a vibrant background and confirmed this is the graphic we'll see gracing Halo Infinite boxes when the game is available later in the year. Different sizes of the box art and some wallpapers were also shared within the Halo Waypoint forums to give prospective Halo Infinite players something to adorn their desktops with to ease the wait.

Halo Infinite's box artwork can be seen below as it was shared by Microsoft and 343 Industries on Wednesday. An animated version of the box art came just before the real deal that shows Master Chief in the front with the Halo Infinite logo in the bottom-left corner.

If you want to download the box artwork for yourself and choose the size and shape you want, you can do so here.

Though this is indeed the graphic that'll be on Halo Infinite boxes later this year, the actual box itself will still have to look a bit different. It doesn't have the usual things like ratings and such, and if a potential first look at the Xbox Series X box artwork in general is an indicator, it'll have more on it as well. An early look at the artwork for the next-gen Xbox showed a large badge saying it was optimized for the Xbox Series X, a banner confirming its playability on the current and upcoming generation, and information about supporting 4K and HDR settings. It looked a bit crowded to some, but the Halo Infinite reveal is at least just Master Chief for now.

This also appears to be the first example of a first-party game's box art from Xbox. While Microsoft has beaten Sony to the punch on several reveals of its console and other areas, PlayStation revealed its next-gen artwork first by unveiling the box art for Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There were still those who weren't pleased with that one which is likely to be the case no matter what the artworks end up looking like since both companies are adjusting their templates for the next generation.

Halo Infinite's campaign will be showcased during tomorrow's Xbox Series X event, so keep an eye on that showcase to see much more than just box art.