Halo Infinite Developers Promise That Craig the Brute Will Look Much Better in Final Release

Even though Halo Infinite didn’t have the best showing when 343 Industries gave us a look at the [...]

Even though Halo Infinite didn't have the best showing when 343 Industries gave us a look at the game's campaign earlier this year, the presentation had a silver lining which turned out to be the "Craig the Brute" meme. The iconic, derpy face that Craig boasted was equal parts endearing and goofy, but it seems like when Halo Infinite finally releases, he'll be getting altered quite a bit.

As mentioned in a new blog post on the official Halo website, 343's director of art management, Neill Harrison, explained more about what led to Craig coming about in the first place. Harrison said that the reason for Craig's face appearing in such a deadpan manner at a certain moment in the gameplay demo was because his facial animations were not fully completed in the build that we saw. Instead, what appeared was essentially the "neutral pose" of Craig's model rather than the one that would normally be seen.

Harrison went on to say that a lot has been done in the months following this Halo Infinite gameplay demo to make sure that there is "more variety added for Brute faces". He even said that they're looking to add hair and beards to some of the in-game character models which is something that hadn't been implemented in the build that we saw back in July. "So, whilst we have come to love our dear old Craig, he's certainly undergoing a significant makeover," Harrison quipped.

The blog went on to say that Brutes aren't the only group that are still being iterated upon internally. All other characters and 3D models in the game are continuing to receive quite a bit of polish and refinement. This also extends to the new weapon and Spartan models that 343 recently highlighted, too.

All in all, it sounds like 343 has taken the criticism to hear regarding the visuals of Halo Infinite that were shown off later this year. Whether or not the final release ends up being gorgeous remains to be seen, but considering this game is still a year out from release, its final iteration should look much better than before.

Halo Infinite is now set to release next year in Fall 2021 and will be coming to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. To follow all of our coverage of the game up until that time, you can stay in the loop right here.

Will you miss Craig's derpy face in the final release, or are you glad to hear that Halo Infinite is still getting a pretty drastic overhaul to its visuals? Let me know either down in the comments section or over on Twitter @MooreMan12.