Halo Infinite Developer Says 343 Industries Wants to Honor the Franchise's Legacy

Halo Infinite narrative experience director Dan Chosich has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the game over the last week. On Twitter, a longtime Halo fan reached out to Chosich, along with several other employees of developer 343 Industries. The fan aired his disappointment with the game's appearance during the Xbox Games Showcase, and his hopes that Microsoft can deliver an experience that lives up to the legacy of the Halo franchise. Chosich's reply can be read below, but it appears that he and the rest of 343 Industries are well aware of the disappointment that fans are feeling, and remain committed to delivering a worthwhile experience.

It's clear that Chosich is dedicated to making sure Halo Infinite lives-up to expectations! Chosich is not the only one chiming in on the controversy, however. Xbox Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg also commented on the controversy a few days ago, reassuring fans that the game is still a few months away from release, and a lot can change in the meantime. Greenberg also referenced the coronavirus pandemic as a possible reason for the game's current status.

The video game industry is in a unique era, where fans have unprecedented access to the creators and developers of the games that they play. Fans are making their voices heard, and it seems that everyone involved in Halo Infinite's development is taking these critiques to heart. A free ray tracing update has already been announced for the Xbox Series X version of the game, and some think that could lead to a major improvement in the game's graphics. With a few months to go until the game's release, it seems likely that everyone involved will continue working to make the game look as good as possible.

Halo Infinite will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC later this year. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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