Halo Infinite Graphics Are Fixable, Say Experts

While many fans aren't happy about Halo Infinite's graphics, it appears that some fixes can be easily made to make the game a better showpiece for the Xbox Series X hardware. According to Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia, the solution could be as simple as a ray tracing patch that takes advantage of the Xbox Series X. Essentially, ray tracing allows lighting to work much as it does in the real world, and the effect it has on existing software can be quite dramatic. In a video that can be found at the top of this article, Battaglia proposes that the already confirmed ray tracing update should allow Halo Infinite to look superior on the next-gen console without compromising the game on Xbox One.

Halo Infinite would not be the only game taking advantage of ray tracing on Xbox Series X. Minecraft will receive a ray tracing update on the system, and the footage showcased thus far makes a dramatic difference. Ray tracing updates for games could be a great way to keep releasing games on Xbox One, while ensuring that those same games look superior on Xbox Series X.

This fix could be a big help for the game, and could end up fast-tracked, as Microsoft is well aware of the controversy surrounding Halo Infinite's graphics. Following last week's Xbox Games Showcase, the company said that the game is still a work-in-progress, while also referencing the coronavirus pandemic as a potential reason for the game's current appearance. Microsoft is also planning to release a number of updates for the game over the next decade. Some of these will be technical updates, while others will add new story content.

Fans clearly aren't happy with the game's appearance, and many have poked fun at the footage showcased. A Brute that appeared Xbox Games Showcase has become a bit of an internet sensation thanks to its unamused facial expression, and many have used the character to highlight their dissatisfaction with the game. 343 Industries has actually gotten in on the joke, embracing it in a major way. Clearly, everyone involved knows how the community feels about Halo Infinite at the moment. Hopefully the ray tracing update will help the game live-up to the expectations of fans.

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