Halo Infinite Showcase Was a Work-in-Progress Build

We finally got to see more of Halo Infinite during the Xbox Series X showcase this week with our first look at gameplay from the game and a new cinematic trailer before that to set the mood. Though the reveals were welcome ones from those who’ve been waiting to learn more about the next-gen game, one of the criticisms it attracted dealt with the game’s graphics. People suggested that the graphics didn’t particularly look like those of a next-gen game and singled out particular screenshots that didn’t help the game’s case very much while others defended the appearance by saying it’s what Halo’s always been about.

In response to some of those concerns and questions about graphics as showcased in either the screenshots or the actual gameplay, Xbox Marketing GM Aaron Greenberg said in an interview with Inside Gaming that the demo we saw during the event was a work-in-progress build of Halo Infinite. He continued by reminding people of the current working conditions game developers are operating under during the coronavirus pandemic and said the game was still far from its holiday launch.

“Listen, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic,” Greenberg said. “It’s July, we’re far from holiday. You’re seeing a work-in-progress game.”

Greenberg added that the game understandably looked better if you watched it with the right settings in effect whereas many people probably just tuned into the normal stream that topped out at 1080p.

“You probably watched the stream in 1080p, maybe,” Greenberg continued. “So we have put up a 4K, 60[FPS], on-demand stream. So people, I’d say, one: Go back and look at the game at 4K 60[FPS]. We did that deliberately. It’s very hard to show the full power and graphic fidelity of what Xbox Series X will be able to deliver for you over a stream. So go back and look at it at 4K 60[FPS].”

Adding to that, he stressed that what we’ve seen of the game is a work-in-progress. He said progress is made noticeable each week following weekly check-ins on the build and that the game will be a “visual showcase” once it’s out during the holidays.

We found out more about the game following the event through details about things like its story and who the main villain will be. It’s also set to represent the next decade of the series.


Halo Infinite is scheduled to be released Holiday 2020.