Horizon 3 Teased by PlayStation Leaker

According to a new PlayStation rumor, a new third Horizon game is in the plans of Sony and Guerrilla Games, which isn't very surprising considering the popularity of the franchise. Adding to this, the rumor claims the upcoming VR spinoff -- Horizon Call of the Mountain -- is just the beginning of the expansion of the game's universe. Before this happens though, Horizon Forbidden West is supposedly getting more content in the form of an expansion, though it sounds like this content may be spun off into its own standalone online game in the vein of Monster Hunter World.

"Horizon will be a trilogy and its universe is already expanding with VR spinoff and more to come," reads the rumor, which comes the way of Oops Leaks. " Online standalone game or expansion is planned. Probably something close to Monster Hunter World. Sony considers Horizon one of the main PS franchises at the moment.

Building upon this rumor, Oops Leaks relays word of Guerrilla Game's long-rumored shooter being led by former Rainbow Six Siege leads. According to the leaker, the game has an esports focus and has been in development for three years. Interestingly, the leaker has received conflicting information about the game, with one source claiming it's a SOCOM game and the other claiming it's set in the Horizon universe. 

"Competitive (hero?) shooter with esports focus. Three years in development. Rainbow Six Siege leads involved. Here my sources differ, one claims that it's a new SOCOM game, the other says that it's set in the Horizon universe. Soon we'll find out what's true."

The rumor is capped with the claim that Guerrilla Games' Killzone series is "dead," which lines up with previous rumblings we've heard here and there. All of that said, everything here is a rumor. None of this has been confirmed, and even if's all completely accurate, it's also subject to change. 


At the moment of publishing, Guerrilla Games nor Sony nor anyone involved with either have commented on any of this. This is unlikely to change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more PlayStation coverage, click here