Justin Bieber and Free Fire Release New Music Video

Last month, Free Fire hosted an in-game performance by Justin Bieber, resulting in more than 100 million views worldwide. The performance featured the debut of a new song from the pop singer, titled "Beautiful Love (Free Fire)." Developer Garena has now released an official music video for the track, which features Bieber's in-game character model singing the track. For those that missed out on the performance, or those that just want to jam out to Bieber's latest, this should be pretty exciting news!

The music video for "Beautiful Love (Free Fire)" can be found embedded below.

For those unfamiliar with Free Fire, the battle royale game released in August 2017, and Bieber's performance was part of its fifth anniversary celebration. Exclusively available on iOS and Android platforms, the game bears a strong resemblance to similar titles in the genre, such as PUBG. Over the last five years, the game has grossed more than $4 billion for developer Garena, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. It's somewhat surprising that the game has not expanded beyond the mobile market, but clearly Free Fire isn't having difficulty finding players at the moment!

Over the last few years, in-game concert events have become a staple of titles like Free Fire, Fortnite, and Roblox. While these types of digital concert events once seemed unusual, they give artists an opportunity to reach new audiences they might not have otherwise. Of course, having a pop icon on the level of Justin Bieber perform likely helped Free Fire attract new players, as well. Given the sheer number of times Bieber's in-game performance has been viewed, it seems like a safe bet that we'll see a lot more events like these in the future.

Readers interested in learning more about Free Fire can check out the game on the iOS store right here, or on the Google Play store right here.

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