Watch Kanye West Play Sonic the Hedgehog at Kid Cudi's

Here's a sentence: Kid Cudi has shared a video of Kanye West playing what appears to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on a custom, wall-mounted arcade cabinet. The video itself is fairly brief and sees West playing through a section of Emerald Hill Zone, the first level of the game, while talking with Kid Cudi all about Sonic and its popularity. When he takes on the boss, he points at Eggman/Robotnik and calls him "Jim Carrey's character" as the two share a laugh. It's honestly kind of endearing.

You can check out the video below! Kid Cudi also went on to credit actor and director John Francis Daley for turning him onto the cabinet itself. Daley tagged in to credit the artist of the arcade cabinet, Love Hulten, who creates several different custom arcade cabinets of varying styles.

For what it's worth, the arcade cab in the video appears to be the OriginX, a custom wall-mounted computer from Hulten that can emulate over 10,000 video games via MAME. Though the video is a little dark, it would seem to have the OriginX's wooden exterior, which is itself an homage to the Pong cabinet of the '70s. As you might expect, the custom cab is rather pricey and clocks in at $4,199 before shipping and so on.

While unclear exactly when the video was shot, Kid Cudi and Kanye West recently announced an animated show, Kids See Ghosts, where the two of them provide the voices for an anthropomorphic fox and bear, respectively. Given that, it's not totally surprising to see the two of them in close proximity as they are probably working on various projects together.


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