League of Legends Reveals 10 New Skins, Prestige Edition for Soraka

League of Legends is having a busy PBE period this week with 10 new skins revealed on Tuesday ahead of the game’s big preseason changes. Completely centered around the theme of space and stars, all 10 of the skins come from either the Cosmic, Dark Cosmic, or Star Guardian collections. This preview of the new skins is also the first time that we’ve seen the Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition skin which Riot Games has been teasing for a while now.

You can check out all 10 of the skins below to see what they look like in action. In order of appearance, the new skins are Cosmic Skarner, Cosmic Vladimir, Cosmic Hecarim, Cosmic Nidalee, Cosmic Anivia, Cosmic Illaoi, Cosmic Nami, Cosmic Varus, Dark Cosmic Lissandra, and Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition. Splash arts for most of the skins were shared in the same tweet threads, so if you need a new wallpaper or just want to gawk more over the skin that you’re going to buy when it’s available, you can check out those on Twitter as well.

For those who’ve been keeping track of which champions have been getting skins and which still need them, this new Skarner skin has been a long time coming for players who main the scurrying scorpion. Soraka’s Prestige Edition skin is also one that’s been teased for some time ever since Riot Games confirmed back in July that the healer support would be among the champions getting a Prestige Edition skin some time during the second half of 2020. With her skin now revealed, that wraps up the Prestige Point skins for the year with only some more of the event-based Prestige Edition skins to go.

These skins will be added first to the PBE for testing, so look for them there if you’ve got one of those accounts and expect them to arrive on the live servers at a later date to purchase.