League of Legends Champion and Skin Sale Jan. 16–19

A new League of Legends champion and skin sale is scheduled to go live soon with champs like [...]

League of Legends Kindred
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new League of Legends champion and skin sale is scheduled to go live soon with champs like Braum, Yorick, Lux, and others being featured in the discounts.

The new sale that's going to appear in the store starting on Jan. 16 features four skins and four champions, each one of the store items marked down to half of the original cost. All of the prices are listed in RP, so don't expect any Blue Essence discounts on the champions that you're hoping to get out of the sale, but they're the perfect way to spend your leftover RP if you just got done picking up one of the discounted skins.

Below are all of the on-sale champions and skins that'll be added to the store's featured page starting on Jan. 16:


  • Sakura Karma for 260 RP
  • Dragonslayer Braum for 487 RP
  • Ice Drake Shyvana for 487 RP
  • Super Galaxy Kindred for 675 RP


  • Lux for 395 RP
  • Katarina for 395 RP
  • Yorick for 440 RP
  • Kled for 487 RP

The most expensive and highest-tiered skin from the list is Kindred's Super Galaxy cosmetic with the skin originally costing 1350 RP. Unfortunately, the skin doesn't appear too often in games since Kindred is a jungler that's overshadowed by others like Shyvana and Evelynn, but it's still one of the best options for the champ if you're looking to main them. Shyvana's Ice Drake and Braum's Dragonslayer skin are even cheaper thanks to a lower original cost, and those two champions are ones that you'll be much more likely to use in a game.

As for the champions on sale, pretty much any of them would be valuable additions to your champion pool in the current meta. Kled has continued to prove himself as a strong top laner along with Yorick who can melt towers with ease. Katarina in the mid lane is a champion that's one of the best you can pick at the moment as well, and Lux has already seen more play in both the support and mid roles during the preseason.

These champions and skins are scheduled to go on sale from Jan. 16–19 with a new sale taking its place afterwards.