League of Legends' New Clash Trailer Offers Advice From Faker

League of Legends' latest trailer for the upcoming Clash mode features some cameos from well-known players and even some advice from Faker himself.

The promo for the weekend tournament game mode was released just today on May 20 and features several teams battling it out through the brackets as they make their way to the final games. Starting out with just one player, the five-person team quickly assembles to take on others in the Clash brackets. Winning games and moving through the ranks, other teams get knocked out one by one, a knockout personified by a gaping pit in the floor.

Riot Game's first player cameo in the video is seen at the 57-second mark. Just after one of the team's victories, you'll see another well-known League of Legends player who goes by the name Pokimane. The Twitch star is known for playing League of Legends but has also been playing a ton of Fortnite recently.

As the teams move through the brackets, you'll notice that the audience grows each time to watch the finalists as they move further along. What started out as players competing in libraries and gaming cafes turns into a full-blown production with an announcer and everything. That's where Faker comes in with the legendary SKT player offering advice a minute and 11 seconds in for the teams during their final game: "Don't feed."

It's cheeky advice, but still some that's always worth adhering to, especially during Clash. You're stuck with your team that you pick throughout the duration of the tournament, so you'll all have to live by Faker's words of wisdom throughout its entirety to take the top spot and the prizes.


Cameos aside, it's just about time for League of Legends' Clash game mode to be officially unveiled so that players can live out the scenes in the trailer and bring themselves closer to an experience shared by the pros. Revealed just recently by Riot Games, the first ever Clash tournament outside of any beta testing begins in just a couple of days on May 25. Teams can begin assembling before that date though with the teambuilding stage beginning on May 21, but Friday is when the first weekend tournament officially kicks off.

If you're still fuzzy on the details of Clash, you can check out our previous report on the reveal here. For those that want a free ticket to compete, Riot Games is also offering a complimentary ticket if you complete a walkthrough of the Clash process.