'League of Legends' Continues to Improve New Skin Portraits

Arcade Ahri
(Photo: Riot Games)

A growing list of skin portraits in League of Legends is being built to address portraits that aren't up to par with others in terms of quality.

Adding skin portraits to League of Legends in order to match every single skin in the game was a sizeable change, but not all of the portraits look as great as others. The quality issue is one that was recognized even by designers even before the skin portraits rolled out, and Rioters are working to make sure each skin portrait looks just as impressive as the next.

Riot Ququroon made the first post announcing the addition of skin portraits back in July, and in a follow-up post, the Rioter confirmed that work is being done on the portraits where the zoom level or cropping isn't quite right, making it hard to tell exactly what you're supposed to be looking at.

"I've heard loud and clear that while many people like the Skin Portraits (yay!), a decent amount of people have concerns over the quality of a quantity of them," Riot Ququroon said. "I agree! Some of them are terrible! Long story short, this is my bad- but I want to fix it."


In order to fix all of the skin portraits that require an update, there are three main steps that have been planned out so far. By compiling a list of skin portraits in need, making changes, and shipping the tweaks over the course of several patches, as detailed by Ququroon below, most players will hopefully be satisfied.

  • I'm currently making a list of all the SPs needing updates, and I'm just about through. Your feedback and threads have been useful. My aim is to hit quite a few of them, including ones that could stand to be better by zooming out.

  • Next, we'll start the mass cropping. This should take a few patches of time [assuming no preseason madness], but hopefully not long.

  • Then it patches out. Hopefully everyone rejoices! I'll continue listening to your feedback.

It might take a while before all the skin portraits are fixed considering the sheer number of skins there are to look at, but as Ququroon mentioned, feedback on which skin portraits need the most love is continually welcome.