League of Legends Reveals New Hextech, Prestige Edition Skins

Riot Games unveiled a bunch of new League of Legends skins on Tuesday as part of the PBE update for what’s coming to the test servers soon. Some of the skins were from an entirely new line of cosmetics, one of them was a Hextech skin, and another is the latest Prestige Edition skin for 2020. They’re coming to the PBE servers soon to give players their first hands-on experience with them following today’s preview, and they’ll later be available to either purchase or acquire through the game’s loot system.

The first of the seven skins revealed on Tuesday are part of a new type of cosmetic called “PsyOps.” The champions getting those PsyOps skins are Master Yi, Shen, Vi, Sona, and Ezreal.

Setting himself apart from the other PsyOps champs already, Ezreal is getting a Prestige Edition variant of his new skin. He’s consistently been a popular pick among marksmen in both the normal and competitive scenes, so it’s only natural that he’d be one of the next champions in line for a Prestige Edition skin.

The last of the seven new skins is Hextech Ziggs. Like other Hextech skins, the only way you’ll be able to acquire this one is through collecting enough Gemstones unless you’re fortunate enough to pull it from the Hextech loot system.

A preview of each of those new skins can be seen below ahead of their PBE arrival.

As confirmed by Riot’s breakdown of 2020’s Prestige Edition skins from earlier in the year, Ezreal’s PsyOps Prestige Edition cosmetic will be an event skin. This means that like the Teemo one available now during the Spirit Blossom event, you’ll have to save up enough event-exclusive tokens to cash in on the skin. Details on what event this will be tied to have not yet been announced.


After Ezreal’s skin, we have several more Prestige Edition cosmetics to look forward to throughout the year. Yasuo and Soraka will both get Prestige Edition skins buyable with Prestige Points while Sett, Kai’Sa, and Diana will get their own event skins.

The seven skins shown above will arrive on the PBE for testing and will be fully released at a later date.