League of Legends Has Begun Testing a New Keystone Rune

A new Keystone Rune has entered the testing phase that’s geared towards League of Legends [...]

League of Legends Darius
(Photo: Riot Games)

A new Keystone Rune has entered the testing phase that's geared towards League of Legends champions that exist somewhere in the middle of dealing damage and being tanky.

Top lane champions and others that can stay in extended battles appear to be the ones that'll benefit the most from the new Keystone Rune. The rune doesn't have a name yet or any details on what it'll do, but it shouldn't take long to hear more about the new Keystone option with Riot Meddler saying that the rune has just now moved into internal testing.

"New keystone went into internal testing yesterday. I haven't played it myself yet, like it on paper though," Riot Meddler said. "If that goes well should be able to at least share tooltips within a couple of weeks (would take longer than that to get into a patch given need to build art for it). It that doesn't go well timing's uncertain."

Meddler confirmed elsewhere in the post that bruisers were indeed the champions that would feel at home using the rune.

"Champs who deal sustained damage, want to be at least somewhat tanky and aren't served sufficiently by Grasp at present. Would expect Bruisers to be particularly drawn to it if it works out, definitely not a thing for bursty and squishy champs like assassins."

The new Keystone Rune that's being tested is part of Riot's efforts to fill the gap mentioned above where some champions underwhelmingly use Grasp of the Undying. Grasp is a solid fit for champions that lean towards the tankier side, but those who still want to deal damage quickly while having some sustainability were left without a proper Keystone Rune after the preseason changes went into effect.

Riot first announced that it'd be looking into a new Keystone back in December after testing some changes for Grasp that didn't pan out. There's no timeframe for when the rune would be released, but it'll be a while before players can try it for themselves seeing how it just now entered the internal testing phase.