League of Legends Reveals 7 New Skins

Riot Games previewed a bunch of new League of Legends skins this week by showing off seven different cosmetics spread out throughout two different lines of skins. The first of the previews consisted of three different Ruined skins that channeled aspects of the Shadow Isles where many League of Legends champions reside while the other skins come from a totally new line of “Shan Hai” cosmetics. Karma, Draven, Shyvana, Cho’Gath, Nautilus, Neeko, and Jhin are the seven champions receiving these skins.

You can see a preview of each of the skin sets below starting with the Ruined skins with the Eastern-inspired Shan Hai skins seen beneath those. Each of the champions getting the new skins demonstrated what their abilities would look like with the new cosmetics equipped.

Prices for the new skins were not announced at the time their previews were shared, but League of Legends players at least know that none of the skins shown above are considered to be Legendary cosmetics, so there won’t be any option that’s dramatically pricier than the rest. Riot Games’ QA lead for skins confirmed as much while adding that there should be chromas available for the skins when they’re released. Unlike some of the other occasions where many skins are revealed at once, there’s also no Prestige Edition skin to be had in this collection.


Like all the other League of Legends skins that first get shown off on social media, these will be usable in-game via the PBE servers for a while before they get their wide release and players are able to purchase them. A release date for the new Ruined and Shan Hai skins has not yet been announced, so the PBE servers are the only way to experience them for now.