League of Legends Will Release Qiyana's Prestige Skin During Worlds Event

League of Legends is giving Qiyana a Prestige Edition skin, and it’s coming sooner than players might think. We knew thanks to Riot Games’ updates on the Prestige system that the champion would be getting one at some point this year during an event that’s now known to be the current Worlds event which just started recently. Qiyana’s skin will release later on in the Worlds event, a Rioter confirmed, and those who want it will be able to pick it up with Worlds Tokens.

Riot Games product manager KenAdamsNSA confirmed on Twitter that Qiyana’s new Prestige Edition skin would release at some point during the Worlds event. It was also confirmed that it’d be available for Worlds Tokens, so if you’ve purchased the Worlds Pass and are already earning that limited-time currency and have your eyes set on Riven’s Valiant Sword Prestige Edition skin or other smaller buys, you might want to reconsider your plans if you’re a Qiyana main.

Qiyana’s skin was known about prior to this tweet thanks to Riot’s post about its plans for the next phase of the Prestige system. Riot agreed that it can be frustrating to now know what champions are getting Prestige skins for different events and only find out after you’ve spent your tokens or Prestige Points, so it revealed a list of skins coming later this year. Miss Fortune and Thresh are both getting Prestige Point skins while Qiyana’s and Lee Sin’s will be available during select events.

As for what Qiyana’s skin will look like, we don’t yet know that much. Those who have been keeping up with the speculation around the plans for this year’s Worlds event and new skins may have seen talks of Riot trademarking something called “True Damage” which, if you take stock in the rumors, is thought to be another musical group of champions similar to Pentakill and K/DA. The thinking then is that Qiyana will be one of the leads in the group with all the members getting their own skin and Qiyana getting a Prestige Edition to go with it.

The Worlds event itself was detailed just recently by Riot with an entire set of missions and a new shop now live in the client. Loot can be earned by playing either the traditional game modes or Teamfight Tactics, and you’ve got until November to take part.