League of Legends: "Sexy Male Champions"

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of... by WWGRiot previously answered the question of [...]

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of...by WWG

Riot previously answered the question of if champions are designed sexy on purpose. Basically, some League of Legends fans thought that Riot created champions with sex appeal in order to sell more of the champ. That's entirely not the case as Riot said that "as long as the character's visuals serve and resonate with its theme, they shouldn't be afraid of going the 'sexy' route."

Champions such as Lux, Ahri, Jinx, Syndra, and Miss Fortune among others were all under the spotlight for questioning. What do all of these champions have in common? They're all female.

Recently, Riot was asked another question. "There are lots of sexy female characters like Ahri and Evelynn, but there's yet to be a really seductive male character. Can we expect a sexy male champion in the future?"

To kick things off, REAV3, Lead Producer of Champions for League of Legends, started with a nice tl;dr for you folks. "The short answer to this question is of course! The long answer is a bit more complicated."

Riot then began to explain what the word 'sexy' means within League of Legends. "What makes a champion sexy is pretty subjective and differs from person to person," said REAV3. "Some people find Ahri attractive while others find Jinx attractive. We try to make different champions for different people and tastes."

According to REAV3, there are already some attractive male champs out there, you just might not have noticed yet. "Varus, Taric, Ezreal and the newly released Rakan come to my mind as some of the sexy bois we currently have in the game. Even Jhin probably has a certain dark, mysterious allure to some."

Even with that being said, Riot still believes that there's a lot more champions and personality types that all their players are interested in.

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