League of Legends Players Will Soon Be Able to Skip the Login Screen

Every time a League of Legends player wants to play a few matches, they’ve started the process [...]

Every time a League of Legends player wants to play a few matches, they've started the process the same way for a long time now. You fire up the League client and are presented with a login screen that consists of boxes for your information and an animation coupled with its own music. Perhaps you've had it set to save your username, but you still have to enter your password before you start playing.

That process is changing soon, at least for the players who want to opt into the changes. Riot Games announced that it's updating the League client soon with a new function that'll save players' login credentials if they choose to use that option. A post on League's site informed players of the change and referenced other "under-the-hood changes" this next update will prepare the client for. Those plans support for Riot's next game, the post said.

"Starting soon on the PBE and then rolling out worldwide, League will be updated to include saved login credentials," Riot said. "This comes with a redesigned login flow that allows you to skip the login screen most of the time if you store your username and password. The update also has some under-the-hood changes to prepare for additional optimizations to the client in the upcoming years: two-factor authentication, background patching, and yes, one day, support for our next game."

There's no point in theorizing about what that new game might be anymore since Riot hasn't announced or teased anything yet, so as far as short-term expectations go, we can look forward to the login credentials update for now. A small number of players will get the update on the PBE at an unknown date before it goes live for everyone else.

For anyone who enjoyed seeing the login screens and hearing the music that accompanied each one, the change does have its downsides. Seeing how most players will likely be opting into the change anyway, Riot said the login screen will be replaced with static images sans music and that the various teams who worked on these will soon have more time to work on other projects.

"Because you'll skip the login screen once you've stored your credentials and get into game quicker, we're going to have them include static images without background music," Riot said. "Most of the time, double clicking the League of Legends shortcut will send you straight to game, so we didn't want to have flashy or resource-intensive things you'll barely ever see. This change also frees up the art and music teams to put more time into other exciting projects."

Yuumi never got a login animation when the champion was released, so perhaps that's the result of the early stages of this feature.

Riot hasn't given a date yet for when the feature will release, but look for it to come to the PBE servers first.