League of Legends' Spirit Bonds Success Could Lead to More Unique Events

League of Legends’ Spirit Blossom event that’s been going on for a while now still has some time left to go before it ends, and from the looks of it, it’s been a pretty successful event so far. It’s brought on some of the typical features you’d expect from the event like new skins, an event pass for players who know they’re going to be grinding a lot, and even not one but two new champions involved with the event. One of the most interesting parts of the event has been the Spirit Bonds feature which is a like a lite version of a dating sim wrapped into the Spirit Blossom story. Because of how much interest players have shown in that part, we may end up with some more unique events in the future featuring other systems to be experienced between games.

Game director Riot Meddler addressed the Spirit Blossom event and its accompanying Spirit Bonds system and how those might impact future events. This event’s a lot more involved than most are, and just to temper expectations ahead of future events, Riot Meddler said not everything can be as in-depth as this one is.

“While we can’t make every event this comprehensive we’re certainly aiming to do more events like this when we can,” Riot Meddler said. We’re also spending a lot of time looking at feedback around particular event features, understanding things like how much different groups of players care about narrative, different types of rewards, cinematics, meta systems like Spirit Bonds etc.”

By Riot’s measures and by what you can see on social media and within players’ discussions about the event, Spirit Bonds is a welcome part of the event. Not only does it deepen the connections between Spirit Blossom champions, it also grants players resources to craft loot exclusive to the event. Because of how popular it’s been, it sounds like there’s a good chance we’ll see more unique things like this in the future that break the mold of the typical League grind during events.


“Based off that we’ll adjust what goes into future events to try and deliver more of what really resonates with people,” Riot Meddler continued. “Early sentiment suggests that the Spirit Bonds system for example has been quite popular, which increases our interest in trying other between game thematic systems for events.”

The Spirit Blossom event will continue until August 24th, so you’ve got plenty of time to take part in Spirit Bonds and more before it ends.