League of Legends Reveals New Spirit Blossom Skins

Riot Games had some more League of Legends skins to show off this week with the unveiling of four more Spirit Blossom cosmetics. New skins for Ahri, Riven, Kindred, and Cassiopeia were revealed on Tuesday in a PBE preview with each of them refitted to tie into the Spirt Blossom line of skins. The champions’ cosmetics were teased previously in a teaser for a new League champion that we’ll learn more about during the event with that teaser leading many players to guess which champions we’d see more Spirit Blossom cosmetics released for.

In line with its usual patch and preview schedule, Riot Games showed off the four new Spirit Blossom skins on Tuesday with a video showcasing each of them alongside another tweet highlighting their Spirit Blossom splash arts. You can find all of those previews below to see what the skins look like in action.

This makes nine Spirit Blossom skins we’ve seen now, 10 if you count Spirit Blossom Teemo Prestige Edition. Skins for Thresh, Vayne, Teemo, Yasuo, and the new champion Lillia were revealed first and should be available sooner than these new skins since the ones unveiled today are just now heading to the PBE for testing.

The teaser for the other new champion presumed to be Yone, Yasuo’s brother, will almost certainly see the champion get a Spirit Blossom skin himself when he’s released. That’d round out the Spirit Blossom roster with an even 10 champions getting new skins.


These Spirit Blossom skins are connected to a larger event scheduled to start on July 22nd. Like other League events before it, it’ll contain more cosmetics, a Spirit Blossom Event Pass, orbs to be earned and opened, and tokens to be collected and redeemed for different rewards. It’ll also introduce a new experience to League called “Spirit Bonds” where players can gain favor with the different champions represented in the Spirit Blossom event so that they can earn more unique rewards. As always, the Spirit Blossom Event Pass will be quickest route, and in some cases, the only way, to obtain enough tokens to get everything you want from the event store.

League of Legends’s Spirit Blossom event starts on July 22nd and will continue until August 24th.