League of Legends Teases Volibear Event

League of Legends is ramping up its Volibear teasers this week with an announcement shared on Thursday to indicate that a livestream centered around the soon-to-be reworked champion will take place soon. Riot Games shared a teaser on its social media accounts that showed off Volibear’s updated splash art after a scene overlooked a snowy setting with Volibear thundering in the background. The livestream event is scheduled to take place on May 8th at 8 p.m. PT, so Volibear mains and anyone interested in the champion’s Visual and Gameplay Update will want to tune in for the event to see what’s planned.

The teaser seen below didn’t explicitly mention Volibear, but for those who’ve been keeping up with the champion update schedule and the champion’s development during his rework, it’s clear who the teaser is referring to. A link included in the tweet led to Riot’s YouTube channel, so expect the stream to take place there on May 8th to show off more of Volibear.

Volibear’s rework has been a long time coming now since it was first announced that the champion would be updated to bring him more in line with modern champions and their in-game impact. Both Volibear and Fiddlesticks were competing closely to be the champion players voted for the most to see reworked at some point in 2020, and the vote ended up being close enough that Riot said it’d rework both champions. Fiddlesticks’ rework came first with the champion now already out terrorizing the Rift with new abilities which means Volibear’s update is next.

The champion’s long been a candidate for an update because of his untapped potential as a lightning-wielding bear-god, and his linear playstyle of rushing in to flip one opponent often forced the champion into predictable patterns. It hasn’t been revealed yet what the champion can do, though we have see some animations that showed the effects of his abilities. Players have done their best to theorize what the champion might be capable of, but we won’t know for sure until Riot reveals the full details of his rework.

Be sure to tune in on May 8th to Riot’s Volibear livestream to see the start of those details as we move closer to the champion’s update’s release.

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