League of Legends: Riot Games Celebrates Teemo's Birthday With A Datapalooza

's birthday today and Riot Games is celebrating with their Big Birthday Datapalooza! The team [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

It's Captain Teemo (reporting for duty)'s birthday today and Riot Games is celebrating with their Big Birthday Datapalooza! The team compiled tons of dats all across the board from 2017 about the Swift Scout and broke it up into "I love Teemo" and "I hate Teemo" stats.

The "I love Teemo" side opens up with this message: "Great choice! We love Teemo, too. He's the picture of heroism! The bastion of Bandle City, he keeps its secrets secret and its people safe," while the "I Hate Teemo" side was slightly more impassioned: "Good, he hasn't gotten to you yet. Teemo is a threat to everything that's good, a dart snagged in the membrane separating person and beast. It hasn't been easy, but we've procured a few data points that may turn the tide away from the pastel predator."

Some interesting stats about the adorable little guy is that the Omega Squad skin was by far the most popular among players, while the Little Devil skin saw the most wins in-game.

"There are probably some Teemo mains reading this, and they may use this information to their advantage. Maybe they'll go without a skin, or they'll pick a middling skin like Recon Teemo just to mess with you. You know what? Just…watch out. Even when he's on your team. Watch out," continues the Hate side while breaking down winrates, worst enemies of the Scout (we see you, Pantheon), and which champions are the best allies. Tristana saw the highest winrate when working alongside Temmo, with Fizz coming in at a close second.

Lee Sin and Jinx are the most common allies seen in the arena with Teemo, though when the playrate increased exponentially, Xin Zhao was determined as the most common ally. Both graphs for comparison can be seen here, but it is interesting to see when the knee jerk reaction is a gauge of popularity.

Singed's winrate saw a dramatic decrease when on the same team with Teemo, with Mordekaiser coming in second. Basically, there's a lot of data. Neat graphs that reveal more about the little guy, and some of it may even surprise you! Check out all of their findings in the Nexus right here.