New League of Legends: Wild Rift Trailer Preps Players for Next Beta Release

If you’ve been interested in League of Legends: Wild Rift but live in the Americas, there’s a [...]

If you've been interested in League of Legends: Wild Rift but live in the Americas, there's a good chance you haven't been keeping up with much on the game since its beta has only been available in other regions since the open beta launched. That'll change soon, however, when the open beta comes to the Americas on March 29th to give players in that area their first taste of League of Legends on mobile devices. To prep players for the release, Riot Games shared a new Wild Rift video this week covering some of the most important things to know.

The redesigned champions that the video below starts with is probably one of the changes that'll take the most getting used to when playing Wild Rift if you're coming to the game from League on the PC. Aside from the obvious different of touch controls versus mouse and keyboard, Wild Rift champions will operate largely the same as they do in normal League, but some have been adjusted to better fit with a mobile format. Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow ultimate can be controlled mid-flight after being used, for example, and Katarina can move slowly while in her Death Lotus ultimate.

Once you've got those changes and the mobile format covered, much of the rest of Wild Rift's basics will look familiar to League players. There are still five roles to cover across the unique Wild Rift map, and a rune system still lets you diversify your playstyle after picking a champ. Buying things from the store and using items and Summoner Spells will look a bit different because of the new interface, but your go-to builds should largely still be in place.

For those who've been waiting on Wild Rift to release in the Americas so that they can finally play the mobile game or won't have to use workarounds to play any longer, you'll be able to play on March 29th. Riot Games confirmed in its latest beta trailer that the open beta will be expanded to Brazil, Mexico, Chile, United States, Argentina, Canada, Columbia, and Peru. There's still no known release date for the full version of Wild Rift.