League of Legends: Wild Rift Bringing Back Voice Chat

League of Legends: Wild Rift's voice chat feature is making a return in the next update, Riot Games announced this week. Patch 3.0 will bring about the return of the voice chat option which will be limited to a test in the America for now before coming to other regions afterwards. Riot also explained what happened to the previous iteration of voice chat that was made available several updates ago and explained how this new version should be better with fewer issues.

The return of voice chat was announced on social media and on the Wild Rift site this week ahead of its limited arrival. Riot's communications lead for Wild Rift, Ben Forbes, cited "interesting development issues" as the reason for why it's been a while since voice chat was back in the game, though added that there will likely be some "quality or performance hiccups" with this trial run, too. For that reason, it's being considered a beta.

A couple of the problems that impacted the first round of voice chat testing were discussed in the post as well which can be seen linked above for those who want to see a more in-depth discussion. Issues included mics activating when they shouldn't have, low volumes, and mics showing as though they were active when they weren't. All of that meant that after voice chat was taken out to work on some of the initial problems, other issues kept popping up which pushed the release back even more.

Now, however, with those issues hopefully resolved, voice chat is making a return so that players can better coordinate their ganks and pushes and other efforts in Wild Rift alongside teammates.

"So! Starting in Patch 3.0, we're bringing back voice chat in the Americas, with other regions to follow," Forbes said. "It'll be a minimum of two weeks in the Americas only as we monitor and check your feedback, and if we see any significant quality or performance problems, we'll change the plan as needed."

Again, this test will only be limited to the Americas for the time being, but if you're in a different region and want to try out voice chat, too, stay tuned for its arrival elsewhere.