Classic 1980s Fantasy Comic Legendlore Returns as Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting

The classic comic series Legendlore is returning as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Last [...]

The classic comic series Legendlore is returning as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. Last week, Onyx Path Publishing launched a Kickstarter to publish a campaign setting set in the world of The Realm and Legendlore, a classic fantasy comic published in the 1980s. Legendlore was a fantasy series that followed a group of four teenagers who crossed into The Realm, a world inspired by classical fantasy tropes. While the teenagers all gained powers based on their personalities, their "real world" knowledge remained, leading to a modern twist on high fantasy. The comics series featured the early work of comics creators like Brian Michael Bendis and Guy Davis, and was a peer of series like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Bone and other indie comics of that era.

Onyx Path Publishing has updated Legendlore for Fifth Edition and the modern era, providing a unique hook for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Players can either create a brand new character for their Legendlore campaign or play as "themselves," determining how the passage into the Realms has transformed them. When players enter The Realm, they also receive a Legend - a sort of destiny that acts as a background as well as a core motivation for their character's actions within the Realm.

The Realm itself has also received an update from the comics, with the world changing because of the coming and going of Visitors from Earth. Technologies and modern mannerisms have integrated themselves into an otherwise classical fantasy world, leading to familiar glimpse of home in an otherwise strange world. Additionally, there are entire communities of Visitors trapped in The Realms, unable to return to their homes, which adds an entirely new layer of intrigue to a D&D campaign.

The original Legendlore comics were inspired in part by Dungeons & Dragons, so it's great to see them come full circle with a full campaign setting. I love the idea of playing a D&D campaign as a fictionalized version of yourself, especially one who finds themselves transformed by magic into their favorite type of fantasy character.

A $25 pledge will get the PDF version of the Legendlore campaign setting book, while a $50 pledge gets a hard copy. You can check out the Legendlore campaign here, which (as of press time) has raised nearly $12,000 of its $15,000 goal. The Kickstarter will remain open until July 2nd.