Though "Leeeeeeroy Jenkins" Was Staged, It Still Lives On In Our Hearts

leeroy jenkins

If you're a gamer, chances are at one point you've either yelled, or heard being yelled, "LEEEEROYYYY JENKINS!" enthusiastically. Though most in the World of Warcraft community knew that this little gem of pop culture was based off of a skit, it still is new news to some. And also bursts my bubble where I was safety nestled in a bubble of denial. I can dream!

Though it was widely known that this instance that later became an Internet sensation was indeed staged, it is fun to look back on what started it all. One user on ResetEra posted up the official first take/dry run video of the infamous Leeroy Jenkins, you can watch it below:

Some of the reactions were along the lines of "I thought everyone knew this," while others had their entire worlds shaken. It's pretty hilarious to see how much these little moments can mean to gamers, and as a long time WoW player since Vanilla myself - it is interesting to see it in action. As one commenter so aptly put it, "It may have been faked, but my laughs were real." We're with you - true heroes never die. VIVA LA JENKINS!

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