Ludwig Blown Away After Finding Out His Subreddit's Top Post

Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig was shocked this week to find out what the top post on his own subreddit happened to be. However, he was shocked for a reason that you might not expect. Rather than being generally stunned at what appeared in the top spot because of the nature of the post, he was more stunned due to the coordination that was required to make it happen in the first place.

During a recent stream on Twitch, Ludwig's audience encouraged him to take a look at his subreddit and find the top two posts over the course of the past week. Before seeing what the posts in question were, Ludwig was already blown away to see how many upvotes they had received. Upon opening each thread, Ludwig was even more staggered to see what his community had done. In simplest terms, the two posts in question worked in tandem with one another and were meant to essentially make fun of Ludwig's height. The posts had him standing next to fellow Twitch streamer Hasan Piker in an image that extended over both threads and showed how short he was in comparison to the other content creator.

As mentioned, Ludwig's bewilderment at the two posts were more about the concentrated effort from his community that was needed to even make this dunk work. "How? How are you so powerful?" Ludwig said of his Reddit community. "How did you get two posts with 6,800 upvotes?"

What's even crazier about this situation is that, as Ludwig notes, this gag from his community blew up so much that the two posts in question are now two of the biggest in the history of his subreddit. For this joke to have blown up to that scale and still work out when seen sequentially is quite impressive, to say the least. Clearly, fans of Ludwig wanted to make sure that they wouldn't screw up getting in this jab on their favorite streamer.


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