Marvel Champions Announces First X-Men Hero Pack

Marvel Champions: The Card Game has officially revealed the Cyclops Hero Pack, which will be the first standalone hero pack released featuring X-Men characters. Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games previewed the new Hero Pack, which includes several cards unique to Cyclops along with a handful of X-Men cards that can be used in any Marvel Champions deck. Cyclops has two unique abilities – his Optic Blast can be used to deal extra damage on any opponent with an attachment to them and he also has a passive ability that allows him to bring in any X-Men ally into his deck regardless as to their aspect. Typically, hero decks can only include Basic Aspect cards and cards from one of four other aspects, so Cyclops has a bit more versatility than usual. 

Cyclops' Optic Blast acts as an upgraded basic attack that deals out 3 damage. Tactic cards in Cyclops' deck allows him to tack on temporary attachments to enemies, which make them eligible for an Optic Blast attack and usually comes with additional hinderances. Cyclops' default Hero Deck comes with Leadership cards that allows him to use allies effectively by keeping them on the field of play to absorb attacks or take down opponents. 

Cyclops is one of several upcoming X-Men that will be added to Marvel Champions in the coming months. While the Mutant Genesis box set will add Shadowcat and Colossus along with a full X-Men themed campaign to play through, Fantasy Flight will also add several additional characters via standalone hero decks. Both Cyclops and Jean Grey were previously confirmed for release and two other heroes will be announced in the coming months. One of those heroes is almost assuredly Wolverine, but the other character is something of a mystery. 

The Cyclops Hero Deck for Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be released this fall and will be available at hobby retailers.