Marvel Champions Announces The Hood Scenario Pack, Adding Nine More Encounter Sets to Game

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will soon add a brand new scenario pack dedicated to the Hood and [...]

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will soon add a brand new scenario pack dedicated to the Hood and his brand of street-level villainy. Fantasy Flight Games has announced it will release The Hood Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Unlike the Hero Decks that Fantasy Flight releases on a near-monthly basis for Marvel Champions, scenario packs provide players with new challenges to overcome. The Hood Scenario Pack contains a whopping 78 cards that includes a scenario centered on the Hood, as well as nine modular encounter sets that can be added to any scenario. Modular encounter sets consist of side schemes and villain minions that flesh out a supervillain's arsenal and provide a level of customization to each scenario.

In Marvel Champions: The Card Game, 1 to 4 players team up to battle through a scenario focused on a single villain. These encounters include standalone scenarios as well as scenarios that make up a part of a running campaign. Players can either use a pre-constructed deck or build their own by choosing one hero and cards from one "aspect" and various basic cards.

The Hood scenario focuses on Parker Robbins' expansion of his criminal empire. During setup, players will choose seven modular encounter sets to choose from, but only one is initially added to the encounter deck representing the Hood's abilities and threats. The Hood's cards and abilities allow him to quickly burn through his encounter deck, thus adding acceleration tokens that provide permanent buffs to the amount of threat the Hood adds during his turn. If the Hood can't be taken down quickly, his empire will grow out of control and players will find themselves struggling to keep him from accomplishing his objectives.

Also included in the Scenario Pack are encounter sets that add classic Marvel villains like Mister Hyde, Boomerang, Shocker, and all four members of the Wrecking Crew (who were previously the stars of their own Scenario Pack.) These encounter sets can provide some additional thematic threats to any scenario.

The Hood will also appear in an upcoming Character Pack released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, another Marvel game released by Asmodee through their Atomic Mass Games publishing imprint.

The Hood Scenario Pack will be released this fall by Fantasy Flight Games.