Marvel: Crisis Protocol Game Previews Captain Marvel Miniatures

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has released some new details about how Captain Marvel's powers work. The [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has released some new details about how Captain Marvel's powers work. The upcoming miniatures skirmish game, which is being developed by Atomic Mass Games, recently released a blog post detailing the abilities of Captain Marvel, one of the characters included in the game's Core Set. Captain Marvel is one of the most high profile characters in the Marvel Universe after the release of her solo movie earlier this year and her role in Avengers: Endgame, which set her up for a critical role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain Marvel's Crisis Protocol miniature shows her in mid-flight, with her fists balled and ready for action.

The blogpost notes that Captain Marvel will have the ability to fly in Crisis Protocol, and will have a potent energy blast and powerful physical strike to reflect her superstrength and powers. Because Captain Marvel's powers involve energy absorption, Crisis Protocol also gives her a high energy defense, meaning that she'll be useful when fighting against characters like Iron Man, who uses a lot of energy attacks.

In addition, Captain Marvel can also activate her Binary Form by absorbing energy from attacks and converting it into Power (a type of resource needed to activate certain superpowers.) Captain Marvel converts energy into Power when she makes successful Defense rolls against energy attacks from opponents, allowing her to activate her Superpowers quicker in the game. When her Binary Form is activated, Captain Marvel's attacks and defense increases, making her even more powerful.

Captain Marvel will have other abilities and superpowers that will be revealed when Marvel: Crisis Protocol is released later this year. Captain Marvel will be included in the game's Core Set, which comes with ten miniatures, dice, and terrain meant to be used in battle. The Core Set will be available for $99.95.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be released later this year.