Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Omega Red Character Card

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed the character card for Omega Red. The dangerous Russian mutant will be added to the game this month in a standalone character pack. Omega Red is presented as a versatile character, with an innate ability to poison any character close to him. His two main attacks are his Carbonadium Coils, which generate power and cause Omega Red to heal a damage if the attack lands, and the more powerful Red Terror attack. Red Terror notably can switch between a physical or energy attack and can negate one of the defending character's defense dice on a wild. Omega Red can also ensnare enemy characters to move them closer to him, has a built-in damage reducing power, and can deal additional damage to any poisoned character close to it.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a skirmish miniatures game featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe. Players can build rosters comprised of any character, although rosters can gain passive or active boosts if enough characters have the same affiliation. Some characters have surprising synergies with each other, allowing for unexpected team-ups and combos. The X-Men is one of the more recent affiliations, with most miniatures designed after their character looks from the 1990s. Due to Omega Red's popularity in the 1990s, it's not too surprising that the character made an appearance in Marvel: Crisis Protocol before other popular X-Men villains such as Apocaclypse.

The Omega Red character pack is part of a wider release slate of X-Men and X-Men related characters for Marvel: Crisis Protocol in recent months. The game has also released packs including Cable, Dominio, Deadpool, and Mister Sinister, and are set to release a two-pack containing both Jean Grey and Cassandra Nova this month.


You can purchase the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Omega Red Character Pack from hobby stores beginning next month. Miniatures come unassembled and the character pack will cost $29.95.