Marvel's Avengers Shares New Concept Art

Square Enix and Marvel shared some new concept art from the upcoming Marvel's Avengers game to help set the stage for Kamala Khan's role in the game. The superhero character who's also known as Ms. Marvel is one of the main characters in the game, and based on what we've seen so far, she's a key component in getting the Avengers back together after the team was torn apart. Marvel's Avengers' latest concept art shows Kamala metaphorically standing up against AIM, the antagonistic force at work in the game that she realized isn't what it made itself out to be.

The latest concept art was shared on social media as part of some continued Marvel's Avengers reveals in the buildup to the game's release. Standing on a rooftop, Kamala faces down a huge advertisement for Advanced Idea Mechanics.

Context for the image provided by the official Marvel's Avengers Twitter account said Kamala head realized "the giant task she has dedicated her life to" and continued on regardless of how big that task seemed.

The context reinforces what we've seen about Kamala from past previews. While the other Avengers seem to constantly be doubting themselves and each other and seem hesitant to reunite, Kamala's voice is the more positive and optimistic one.

As for how Kamala's actual in-game character will play, we got some insights into that part of the game not long ago when we learned that her abilities were influenced by the other Avengers. Kamala's a big fan of Thor, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers, so her abilities are naturally inspired by some of the moves they use.


Kamala's also a huge fan of another character that we've only seen pieces of in teasers for Marvel's Avengers. We've seen her in the past wearing a Captain Marvel shirt despite there being no actual reveal of Captain Marvel's character in the game. She also has a poster of Captain Marvel in her room that we know we'll be able to see at some point in the game, but again, we haven't seen Captain Marvel like we've seen the other characters yet. She's definitely in the game's world in some capacity though, so perhaps Kamala (and players) will be able to meet her at some point during the game's story.

Marvel's Avengers is scheduled to release on September 4th.