Marvel's Avengers Reveals Cosmic Cube Villain Sector Teaser

Marvel's Avengers previously revealed a roadmap of the year's upcoming content, which featured new [...]

Marvel's Avengers previously revealed a roadmap of the year's upcoming content, which featured new features, a HARM Room Black Widow-themed release, a new Black Panther expansion, and more. One of the upcoming releases includes a Cosmic Cube Villain Sector featuring Monica Rappaccini, who now holds the weapon in the Wasteland future. When we last saw her she was frozen in time along with Nick Fury and the Kree invaders, but in a new teaser, we see that somehow she is now free, and it seems you'll be playing as Old Man Hawkeye to try and take her down. You can check out the teaser below.

"Monica Rappaccini is unfettered by moral considerations in her quest for technological evolution. Take on the lead scientist of AIM's technocracy in The Cosmic Cube, a new Villain Sector, coming this summer."

Fans met Old Man Hawkeye in the newest Hawkeye content, and he was very much alive by mission's end, so it seems we'll be seeing him sooner than later.

In addition to the bigger content packs, there will also be other new features and updates added along the way, including Omega-Level threat Missions, Multiplayer Megahives, new content for post-level 50 progression, and more outfits, and you can check out the full roadmap above.

Here's the official rundown on Hawkeye's new mission.

"After the A-Day disaster, Clint Barton and his mentee, Kate Bishop, were left on their own, deciding to search for the missing Nick Fury, and, in doing so, stumbled upon AIM's secret Tachyon Project, resulting in Clint's capture. Though Kate brought him back to the Avengers, peril doesn't leave him; he falls into a coma, witnessing a future vision that leaves him confused and defeated when he finally wakes. Armed with his bow, sword, and knowledge of the grim events to come, it's up to Hawkeye to stop the end of the world."

Marvel's Avengers is available on PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC now.

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