New Marvel's Avengers Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers players got a new update this week that should improve performance and resolve [...]

Marvel's Avengers players got a new update this week that should improve performance and resolve some issues that were causing players' games to crash. The same update added a notification that'll warn players if their drivers ar out of date which could lead to issues with the game. Unfortunately for those playing on consoles, the update is only available for the PC platform via Steam, so there's no multi-platform update to speak of this time.

The patch notes for the V1.4.1.26 update were shared through the game's community page on Steam to detail exactly what was different following the release of the patch. From a quick look at the patch notes, it's much more of a housekeeping update that resolves problems players have been experiencing as opposed to any meaty update with new features to check out. For those who have been experiencing some of the problems outlined in the patch notes, however, it'll be a welcome release.

You can find the full details of the Marvel's Avengers update below courtesy of the game's Steam page:

Marvel's Avengers V1.4.1.26 Steam Update Patch Notes

  • Improvements to stability and performance, this patch solves some reports of the DEVICE_HUNG crash.
  • NVIDIA DLSS in Marvel's Avengers now supports Dynamic Resolution Scaling (DRS). When DRS is enabled along with DLSS, DLSS dynamically adjusts render resolution to deliver maximum image quality while maintaining the target frame rate.
  • When determining settings on the initial run of the game, or when resetting settings to default, the game will now set defaults better tailored to your machine. The selected output resolution will take into account your GPU power, Dynamic Resolution Scaling will be set to 60fps on sufficiently capable hardware, and DLSS will be enabled by default on all hardware that supports it.
  • The game now warns players on NVIDIA hardware with drivers older than 461.09 to upgrade. These drivers contain fixes that are important to solid performance and stability of Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers players across all platforms have a Hawkeye War Table event to look forward to that's coming up soon to share more info on the next DLC. To help hold players over until then, Crystal Dynamics offered a free Kate Bishop bundle for players to redeem.