Marvel's Avengers Update Fixes Challenge Card Progress Bug

A fix for a Marvel’s Avengers bug that was preventing players from earning progress towards their Hero Challenges Cards has now been resolved, Crystal Dynamics announced on Saturday. The issue in question was making it so that players wouldn’t progress through their Challenge Cards even if they were completing the heroes’ individual challenges thus delaying them from earning any rewards. The developer also announced that it’s giving out those points retroactively and is looking into solutions for other problems as well.

Crystal Dynamics said on social media that it’d fixed the issue with the Challenge Cards and the points. Players should now be able to earn points as intended, but it might take a while for the points they should’ve earned before to be rolled out retroactively.

The Challenge Cards in Marvel’s Avengers are the feature that essentially function as a battle pass for each individual hero. While you can earn rewards for free by completing the challenges, you can also access the premium tier of the pass by paying in Credits which will allow you to earn more rewards.

In response to another player, Crystal Dynamics confirmed it was also working on a bug pertaining to the skins. Players have been experiencing some issues since launch where they purchase a skin only to find that they didn’t receive it as intended. The same problem has occurred with Credits, and over on the game’s subreddit, Crystal Dynamics combat gameplay director Phil Therien said the devs are looking into that problem and “other issues with progress being lost.”


“Missing credits and progress after purchase is an extremely high priority and it really sucks that this happened in the first place,” Therien said. “I can tell you that people are working on it even as we speak.”

If you’re working your way through Marvel’s Avengers now, bugs or not, we’ve got an idea of how long it’ll take you to complete the game. If you get to the end and are looking for some explanations or just want to see how the game ends before you reach the conclusion, we’ve got you covered on that as well.