Play a Free Game Every Day of 2019 With Meditations

PC gamers can play a small game every day during 2019 through a new project called “Meditations” with every game being different from the last.

Game developer Rami Ismail, co-founder of indie game studio Vlambeer, announced the release of the Meditations game launcher recently and said it was now available to download. The Meditations project, he said, is the result of playing one small game in 2017 and hoping to fill a year with a new game every day with the help of hundreds of different game developers.

The Meditations launcher is found through the link above and is available for both the Windows and Mac platforms, and it’s also completely free. Ismail spoke further about the project and said it’ll present players with a new game every day that’s inspired by that day with the variety of games encompassing several different genres.

“Meditations will launch you a new game every day, inspired by that day, only on that day,” Ismail said about the game project. “There's all sorts of games in here, from curious small puzzle games and challenging little platformers to personal games about life and loss and happiness and love and death and everything.”

The only catch to the Meditations launcher is that if a day is missed and a user misses that day’s game, they won’t get to play it. Ismail’s wording suggested as much and when a user asked if they’d be able to replay games or not, Ismail joked that “there’s always next year” for those who miss the games.


As for the developers who contributed to the project, Ismail said the full list of credits detailing who all is involved will be released at the end of the year. Ismail explained that with there being over 350 different individuals to be credited in the project, some of them requested to keep their involvement a surprise until their game is played.

The Meditations game launcher is now available to download.