Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Gets Jam-Packed Event Calendar For January

Shadow of War 2

Ever since its release a few months ago, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has been a pretty big hit with fans of the original Shadow of Mordor, not to mention loyal Lord of the Rings fanatics. And now, with a new year upon us, Warner Bros. has released a detailed calendar, giving us an idea of what events are in store for the month in the game.

It all begins with a set of weekly challenges, starting with the period of now through January 8th, and continuing on through near the end of the month. Here's the rundown of what you can expect and take on:

  • January 2nd-8th: Weekly Challenge: Master of Rage – Recruit furious Berserkers into your ranks to complete this Community Challenge
  • January 6th-7th: Weekend Challenge: Destroyer of Shadows – Challenge the vile Dark tribute to complete this Community Challenge
  • January 9th-15th: Deadeye: Complete this Community Challenge by landing headshots on your foes
  • January 13th-14th: Master of Poison: Add poisonous recruits to your army to complete this week's Community Challenge
  • January 16th-22nd: Master of Destruction: Recruit explosive Destroyers into your ranks to complete this Community Challenge
  • January 20th-21st: Grave Avenger: Avenge your fellow Rangers in Online Vendettas to complete this Community Challenge

More events are expected to be introduced over the next few weeks, along with the already-planned DLC that will be available for the game. So, yes, plenty of Orcs to kill!


You can see the official calendar below!

Shadow of War Calendar

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.