Minecraft Updates Minions DLC for Rise of Gru Movie

Minecraft creators Mojang announced a different sort of update this week compared to the usual Snapshots and full releases the game tends to get. This time, the update is for one specific DLC: The Minions crossover released previously. It's now been updated to be a tie-in DLC with the new Minions: The Rise of Gru movie that's now out in theaters, so those who already have the DLC or those who were planning on picking it up have a nice surprise to look forward to next time you try it out.

Mojang announced the Minions update this week and said that the update should be out as of July 1st. Mirroring the plot of the new movie, players will be able to control the Minecraft version of Gru while working alongside Minions to take on the supervillain group known as the Vicious 6.

"Playing as Gru, your quest is to become the biggest, baddest super-villain, and to do that you'll need to gather gadgets, Minions and your courage to take on the Vicious 6: a team of supervillains who aren't thrilled about your attempts to steal their thunder," the announcement from Mojang said. "As your devious plans take shape, you'll need to fill up your villain-o-meter by sneaking, racing, and directing your Minions in increasingly crafty ways before facing your foes in a fiery final showdown. If you think you know what happens next then hold onto your Plasma Jelly Launchers, friend, because you'll now face the Vicious 6 in a whole new way!"

Other parts of the update's description could potentially reveal spoilers for the new Rise of Gru movie, so we'll let you look at those here in case you don't want to be spoiled. This update also comes with a free in-game Minion hoodie for players to acquire from the dressing room.


Mojang confirmed that this update is free for those who already own the DLC, so there's nothing more to be done on your part if you do other than making sure it's downloaded and ready to go.