Monster Hunter World Debuts 7 New Trailers Showing Off A More Eco-friendly Side

monster hunter world featured

Capcom has been on full overload when it comes to Monster Hunter World videos. Releasing them in batches at a time, it's really easy to get excited about the open-world adventure headed our way. In their latest batch of hype, we've got a whopping seven new videos to indulge in that goes deeper into the Monster system, as well as in-game events like fishing.

Each video offers a small clip, with one just being a line of ants. Are they huge reveals? No, of course not - what would be the fun in that? But it does give snippets at what's available for players to engage in outside of the hack and slash conquering of the more dangerous wildlife. Take a look at the latest videos below to catch a glimpse at some of the finer (and more relaxing) bits of the game's experience:

Monster Hunter World will be launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 26th, with a PC version slated for a later, unspecified, date. Need just a little more? Don't forget to check out this absolutely adorable palico video released earlier this week.

Here's more about the beta, as a second period will be avialable soon!


"A new world awaits you, where a living, breathing ecosystem of flora and fauna is the setting for pulse-pounding battles against fearsome creatures using an arsenal of powerful weapons.

The beta features three quests set across two different maps: the dense, verdant foliage of the Ancient Forest and the arid sands of the Wildspire Waste. Track your prey across each of these unique landscapes, using the very environment itself to your advantage. Each quest features a different monster for you to try your hand at hunting, but you don't have to go it alone: up to four players can team up online in co-operative multiplayer."