Fix a Broken Timeline as All-Powerful Hags in Mundane Magic TTRPG

A new freeform tabletop roleplaying game gives players the chance to right some cosmic wrongs [...]

A new freeform tabletop roleplaying game gives players the chance to right some cosmic wrongs while dealing with escalating consequences and wacky situations. Earlier this month, Behold Her Studio released Mundane Magic, a two-page tabletop RPG meant to be played with three players and a Game Master. The premise of Mundane Magic is that the players are a coven of crones who accidentally broke their Loom of Destiny, causing time and space to shift with dramatic consequences. Each session of Mundane Magic focuses on the players using their wits and mundane magic to fix inconsistencies in the timestream continuum, as chaos (sown by the Game Master) threatens to upend all your hard work.

Making a crone in Mundane Magic is quite simple. Players start off by picking out a spell Focus and divying up six Gift Points between three Gifts, which each grant them different abilities. A crone with points in Minutia might be able to ascertain secret knowledge or innately know the next step to pull off a complicated plan, while a crone with strong Muscle might often resort to more physical means to solve problems. Finally, a crone with Moxie often uses their charm to pull off complicated schemes. Players use their gifts in conjunction with a collective pool of Spell Points to solve their way through different problems, which range from matchmaking lovelorn dinosaurs in Victorian England to pulling off an upset cat show victory. However, every time a player casts a spell, the GM gains Chaos Tokens that can be used to stymie players. This creates a simple but compelling back and forth between the players and GM, as the players will try to work out non-magical solutions to prevent a GM from blowing up their carefully laid plans.

Having played through Mundane Magic, this is a fun TTRPG that serves as a perfect evening activity between a small group of friends, or serves as a good introduction for tabletop roleplaying. Players collaboratively make their coven of crones together, so a more experienced player can help build a character with goofy flaws and traits for another player to enjoy. The sessions take about two hours to complete and can work either as a standalone game, or as part of a wider storyline as the crones try to solve a more complex problem.

Mundane Magic is available on DriveThruRPG for $4.99.