Smash Hit Board Game Nemesis Gets a Sequel

The sequel to the popular sci-fi/horror survival game Nemesis has just launched its crowdfunding campaign. Earlier today, Awaken Realms launched the Kickstarter for Nemesis: Lockdown, a standalone sequel to its 2018 smash hit Nemesis. Nemesis: Lockdown is set on a secret lab in Mars, and pits the players against an alien invader set on killing everyone. Players will need to decide whether to work together or pursue their own agendas as they race through the multi-level lab, hoping to dodge the alien and its minions in the process. Players can choose between a full cooperative experience or a semi-cooperative experience in which one player acts as a traitor secretly helping the alien infiltrate the base.

The first Nemesis earned high praise for its blend of cinematic storytelling and strong game mechanics. The first Nemesis Kickstarter raised nearly $3.8 million and even made a cameo appearance on South Park. Nemesis: Lockdown is quickly approaching the high bar set by its predecessor, having raised almost $2.5 million as of press time in less than 24 hours.

Since Nemesis isn't yet available for retail purchase, this Kickstarter marks a great opportunity to get both the original game and the new standalone expansion. Pledges are available for both the original Nemesis and its expansions, as well as the new Nemesis: Lockdown. Plus, all of the characters and alien races from the original Nemesis are compatible with Nemesis: Lockdown, offering even more replayability.

Awaken Realms is one of the stronger boutique board game publishers out there, with a consistent track record of producing strong thematic games that deliver on time. While a core pledge will cost $117, there's no doubt that you'll get your money's worth. You can check out the trailer for Nemesis: Lockdown up above and check out the full Kickstarter here.

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