Netflix Release New Arcane Clip, Images from League of Legends Series

Netflix shared a new look at Arcane on Friday, the animated TV series coming to the streaming platform that’s based on the hit game League of Legends. Jinx, one of the most recognizable characters from the game, was featured prominently in the clip alongside Vi, another vibrant champion from League. The show is scheduled to come to Netflix at some point in Fall 2021, but an exact release date was not announced during Friday’s Geeked Week presentation.

The clip from Arcane can be seen below with the blue-haired Jinx exploring the remnants of a shop in what appears to be located in the Piltover region. Arcane takes place in both Piltover and Zaun, two regions which share similar technologies and aesthetics, to a degree, with one another.

Whether it’s Piltover or Zaun where this particular clip takes place, the stories forming in these scenes alone are already telling of some of the themes that’ll exist in the series. As Jinx spars with a robot, she sees flashbacks of fights with her sister, Vi. Vi apparently got the upperhand in most of those fights, an expected outcome given the champion’s punch-happy nature. Jinx apparently can’t beat the top score at the end of the bout which was probably owned by Vi herself and instead results to shooting the machine with one of her many weapons.

Alongside the clip, Riot Games and Netflix shared some new screenshots from moments in the Arcane series. An accompanying dev diary and a press release about Arcane provided more insights into the show from the creators Alex Yee and Christian Linke.

“We’ll dive deeply into the stories and relationships, and struggles of all these characters and find out what their lives look like, what made them who they are today -- and for those people who aren’t really familiar with our game we want to show them why we’ve stuck with them for over a decade now and why we love them so much,” said Linke about the sisters Jinx and Vi and their roles in Arcane.


Other characters thought to make appearances in the show include Jayce and Warwick, but if you know how many characters come from either Piltover or Zaun, you’ll know there are plenty of possibilities for champions to fill starring roles or guest appearances.

Arcane is scheduled to come to Netflix sometime during Fall 2021, but an exact release date has not yet been announced.