New Character Details for Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's Bazalt Joe

rank player who likes the protagonist’s ArFa-sys (Artificial Financial Adviser System). This [...]

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Following his introduction during this weekend's Tapei Game Show, new details about Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet's Bazalt Joe have emerged, showing off a kind man under a tough exterior. The game employs a wide range of characters (and their legacies) from throughout the franchise, as well as introducing a broad new cast full of characters to assist the player along the way. Other details revealed this past weekend involved character customization and more details on what players can get from a special event featuring the saga's protagonist, which you can read on for below.

Bazalt Joe has a thing for big guns and good vibes, according to the official press release from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Here's how our new friend is described:

Bazalt Joe, is a top GGO (Gun Gale Online) rank player who likes the protagonist's ArFa-sys (Artificial Financial Adviser System). This humanoid is equipped with a particularly rare "Type-X" artificial intelligence and can think, take action and provide a variety of support. Joe is also cheerful and popular among the squadron members. He is persistent and never complains about the result of the game. When victorious he provides valuable information and gives good items.

Along with ne details on Bazalt Joe, more information on the benefits available during a 'certain event' that somehow involves franchise hero Kirito. Check it out:

The Gun and Sword Special equipment will be available when players clear a certain event with Kirito. This equipment will be able to deal with any situation from short to long range! Furthermore exclusive skills for this Gun and Sword Special equipment will also delight the fans!

Along with all of this, a variety of screen shots have released showing off the many looks, body types, skin tones and hair styles available to players when they customize their characters. Overall, the game is rounding out to be a great addition to the franchise, sticking true to the various and ongoing deep story lines and hyper-active game play that made it great.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet releases on February 23rd for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC.