What the New iPad Pro Means for Gamers

In a live event going on now, Apple has revealed their new line of iPad Pros and predictably - they were stunning. What was slightly less predictable was how amazing it is for gamers - a new system that yes, even rivals that of consoles. Here us out.

2K Games took to the center stage to break down some live NBA 2K footage to show off a stunning 60FPS experience with individually rendered graphics and smooth gameplay progression. The level of detail seen was incredible and we will add a video as soon as Apple sets it live.

This isn't something gamers expected to see and we also saw a glimpse at the adorable Assassin's Creed: Rebellion mobile game as well, showing off stunning environmental changes and an attention to detail that is unheard of on iPad.

The director of marketing boasted that the iPad Pro has up to 120 FPS capability, something that was "never before possible" on mobile platforms. With the Nintendo Switch's portability being a huge reason for its success, these enticing specs are a total game changer for the mobile market.

The market has been growing exponentially for mobile gaming in recent years with more and more big companies porting over pre-existing games onto handheld devices, while also developing brand-new experiences. If the footage shown off during the Apple event proves true for all, the iPad has just become a major contender in mobile gaming - more so than any other previous generation of the mobile tablet.


You can learn more about the iPad Pro line with our previous coverage here, including specs, size, and how it compares to the older generation of iPads. With the previous iPhone reveal focusing on gaming as well with The Elder Scrolls: Legends, it's apparent that Apple is going after a bigger market seen in the gaming community while still offering what its base customer audience once with creativity and power.

iPad Pro 11" starts at $799: 64GB, 256, 512 and 1TB. iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $999 with similar specs. Available to order now and will launch on November 7th. What do you think of the new iPad Pro line revealed thus far? Sound off in the comments below!