New Pokemon Snap: How Many Courses Are in the Game?

New Pokemon Snap has over 20 courses for players to explore. One of the big questions players are asking about New Pokemon Snap is whether the game has more content than the original. One of the primary frustrations of the original Pokemon Snap is that it only took a handful of hours to find all 63 original Pokemon spread throughout six main courses (and one bonus course featuring Mew.) The good news is that New Pokemon Snap has a lot more courses to explore than the original game, with some courses having radically different "day" and "night" variants featuring different Pokemon and surprises.

In total, there are 12 different "courses" in New Pokemon Snap spread out over six islands. Additionally, almost all of those courses have at least one variant, whether its a daytime/nighttime variant or an Illumina Spot that serves as a wholly different course than the original. When factoring in all of the variants, there are 24 different courses in New Pokemon Snap.

Here's the total list of courses that appear in New Pokemon Snap:

  • Florio Nature Park (Day)
  • Florio Nature Park (Night)
  • Florio Nature Park (Illumina Spot)
  • Research Camp
  • Founja Jungle (Day)
  • Founja Jungle (Night)
  • Elsewhere Forest (Day)
  • Elsewhere Forest (Illumina Spot)
  • Blushing Beach (Day)
  • Blushing Beach (Night)
  • Maricopia Reef (Day)
  • Maricopia Reef (Evening)
  • Lental Seafloor
  • Lental Seafloor (Illumina Spot)
  • Sweltering Sands (Day)
  • Sweltering Sands (Night)
  • Fireflow Volcano
  • Fireflow Volcano (Illumina Spot)
  • Shiver Snowfields (Day)
  • Shiver Snowfields (Night)
  • Outaway Cave
  • Outaway Cave (Illumina Spot)
  • Ruins of Remembrance
  • Ruins of Rembrance (Illumina Spot)

It should take players about 15-20 hours to unlock all those courses, and likely another 15-20 hours after that to uncover all of those courses' secrets. In total, it'll take you about 30-40 hours to "complete" the game, although some of the charm of New Pokemon Snap is going back to improve your photos even after you've discovered a particular Pokemon.

New Pokemon Snap is available on the Nintendo Switch now.