New Pokemon Snap Reveals Official Box Art

New Pokemon Snap has revealed the official game artwork for the heavily anticipated title. Last [...]

New Pokemon Snap has revealed the official game artwork for the heavily anticipated title. Last week, the Pokemon Company decided to shake the table and give fans an extended trailer for the upcoming Switch game. Shortly after, the floodgates really opened and pre-orders were live. But, in the fervor, Nintendo also showed people what the game would look like on their shelves as well. Starters like Scorbunny and Grookey are front and center along with Pikachu. There is also some love for longtime faves like Meganium as well. Lapras has featured heavily in most of the trailers as well. The Kanto region also gets Dodrio in a fun echo of the first Pokemon Snap title. And for those especially serious about catching their bugs, Vivillion is all over the place in all those different configurations.

Last time around, Pokemon Snap allowed trainers to interact with their favorite creatures in a different way. Driving along in that buggy and snapping pictures of all the original 151. But, in the new title, both the technology of the camera has been advanced, but it looks like there will be branching paths through the individual boards. That is nothing to say of the increased graphical fidelity and quality of life enhancements waiting in the newest iteration of the game. Many who were around for the first game in 1999 have been waiting all these years for a true successor. Now, their day in the sun is finally at hand.

Check out all of the news for New Pokemon Snap right here. The official description reads:

"Seek out and take in-game pictures of Pokemon in their native environments in the New Pokemon Snap game, only for the Nintendo Switch system! You'll even discover behaviors and expressions you've never seen before when you encounter and research lively wild Pokemon.."

* Explore environments, take in-game pictures and fill your Pokémon Photodex
* Travel to unknown islands with beautiful scenery like lush jungles and sandy beaches. The Pokémon pictures you take there will be used to build your very own Pokémon Photodex!
* This brand-new game brings the gameplay of the 1999 Pokémon Snap game for the Nintendo 64 system to life on the Nintendo Switch system with unknown islands to discover and different Pokémon to see!
* Photograph lively wild Pokémon in their natural habitats as you research and explore unknown islands. Journey through a variety of environments such as beaches and jungles to capture previously-unseen Pokémon behaviors. The photos you take can also be used to fill out your very own Pokémon Photodex!

What's the first Pokemon you're going to catch in New Pokemon Snap? Let us know down in the comments!