New Witcher Characters Seemingly Revealed For Season Two

Production has already started on The Witcher season 2, and Netflix is filling the cast with some brand new faces for the much anticipated new season. We've had hints of those castings thanks to social media and past sleuthing, but courtesy of Redanian Intelligence we now have a host of casting breakdowns for season 2, and it reveals some favorites from the books and the games. The biggest reveal in the list is Nivellen, who is the main character in a fan-favorite story from The Last Wish. Nivellen is a man who has been cursed and put int he form of a beast, and he's one of the more charming characters Geralt comes across. This also possibly means that season 2 will see the introduction of the Bruxa, a more powerful form of vampire that Geralt ends up facing towards the story's end. Nivellen will be played by Kristofer Hivju.

The other big addition is Dijkstra, who doesn't have an actor attached yet but according to the cast list will appear in three episodes. Fans of the games are well acquainted with Dijkstra, someone who starts off as the Chief of Intelligence of the King and thus interacts with not only Geralt but also Jaskier and Yennefer. He is quite helpful, but there's something always in it for him, and we can't wait to see that brought to live-action.

You can find the full list below, which also includes Vesemir, Rience, Ithlinne, Lambert, and more.

Frankie (Francesca) - Lead Role - Age 20-30

The most beautiful woman in the world. Tall, intelligent, powerful and protective towards her child.

Nigel (Nivellen) - Guest Role - Age 25-35 - First Episode

Cursed as a young aristocrat. Charming, funny and remorseful.

Cornelius (Coen) - Lead Role - Age 20 - 30

A warrior type. Deadly with a sword. Charged with training a young apprentice. Easy-going and fun.

Leonardo (Lambert) - Lead Role - Age 30-40

A tall, sharp-tongued warrior. Inclined to give in to pleasures like food, sex and booze but trustworthy.

Vesemir - Lead Role - 60 - 69

Gary - Recurring Role - Age 20-25 - Four Episodes

Large build, tall. Youthful and jovial. The younger brother of Frankie (Francesca) who depends on her leadership.

David (Dijkstra) - Recurring Role - Age 40-50 - 3 Episodes

A giant of a man, Chief of Intelligence and the right-hand of the King. Very smart and crafty.

Vanessa-Marie - Recurring Role - Age 70-100 - Three to Four Episodes

A very old white haired woman. A demon, who roams the land bargaining and preying on people's deepest and darkest desires.

Richard (Rience) - Recurring Role - Age 30-35 - Three Episodes

Fit and full of anger. Imprisoned by the queen, he later finds himself in charge of searching for the prized Jewel. Smart, cunning, and sadistic. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Laura (Lydia) - Recurring Role - Age 20-25 - Two Episodes

Dark hair, almond eyes. Bears the scars from an experiment gone wrong. Secretary and Assistant to the Master. Carries out a horrible deed.

Violet - Recurring Role - Age 12-14 - Two to Three Episodes

A young girl with raven hair. Sadistic and smart.

Victoria (Vereena) - Guest Role - Age 18-27

Physical experience required. Beautiful, fragile and vulnerable on the outside. When threatened, she is capable of brutal violence. There's something animalistic about her.

Isolde (Ithlinne) - Guest Role - Age 70 – 100 - One Episode

Tall, charming. Wrinkled but fresh-faced. She is a healer and an oracle with a gift for divinations and prophecies. Warm and fear inducing at the same time. Nudity required.

Anna - Guest Role - Age 25-30 - One Episode


A fierce sex worker, she joins a group of soldiers who she isn't afraid to boss around.

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