NFL Rivals Mobile Game Officially Released Worldwide

After a successful soft launch, NFL Rivals is now available to play on mobile devices worldwide.

NFL Rivals from developer Mythical Games had a soft launch earlier this summer that proved to be successful for the relatively unknown-at-the-time game. Prior to today's full launch, the game had already been downloaded more than two million times across Android and iOS devices. It's impossible to say if the full launch will make NFL Rivals explode, but now that NFL Rivals is available worldwide and Mythical is pumping out more content, we may see exactly that happen.

To celebrate today's release, Mythical Games has also introduced the Kickoff promo to NFL Rivals. Through this, players have the ability to obtain all kinds of new players ahead of the real-world NFL season kicking off. This includes studs like Joe Mixon, Lamar Jackson, Khalil Mack, and many more. As you'd expect from a game that puts a major emphasis on collecting players, the list is very long, and getting the best players will require you to either get very lucky or spend some money.

What is NFL Rivals?

NFL Rivals bills itself as a game where you can "own your dream and guide your superstars to the end zone as you make history as the greatest NFL GM of all time." Essentially, it's a mobile version of the ever-popular Ultimate Team mode players see in Madden NFL 24. However, there's one important twist on that formula. NFL Rivals is a Web3 game, meaning that the players you earn or buy technically have a real-world price if you ever want to cash out.

On the surface, that's probably unappealing to most given how hard most public opinion has swung against NFTs and other Web3 digital ownership methods in the past few years. That said, it would be a mistake to completely ignore NFL Rivals because it is entering a market that seems primed for players to drive up its popularity. While NFL Rivals has more video game aspects than something like Sorare (a fantasy soccer-based card-collecting NFT game), that market has proven fruitful for developers in the past. Yes, the majority of video game players will probably pass, but the ones who decide to drop some money on NFL Rivals will likely stick around for the long haul.

How do the NFTs Work in NFL Rivals?

For the most part, the NFT side of NFL Rivals is pretty simple. Mythical Games has introduced a marketplace where players can buy and sell their NFL player cards. For example, at the time of this writing, you can buy a Mythical version of Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner for $2,317. Obviously, that's on the very high end because of how powerful that card will be in the game, but it gives you an idea of how much some players are willing to pay for that edge.

Of course, you can earn players in the game or spend money to open packs and get them, but the basics remain the same. Another way Mythical is incorporating digital ownership is through the Rarity League Helmets. Basically, these are helmets that you can buy different cosmetic options for and then transfer into NFL Rivals to use. Unlike the player cards, they don't seem to add any competitive advantage, instead just letting you differentiate yourself from other players.

NFL Rivals is available now on mobile devices worldwide.